Aerial Tour of SC Observatory

July 1, 2017

This is a short rainy-season aerial view of our observatory grounds in central Thailand.

The building with the cone-shaped roof is our control room, where several computers run the telescopes, mounts, cameras, focusers and filter wheels in each of the domes.

The smaller 12′ dome nearest the camera houses an Officina Stellare RiFAST 400mm telescope (f/3.8) on a Planewave L-500 direct drive mount. The 16′ dome nearest the river houses an Officina Stellare RiLA 600mm telescope (f/5) on an Officina Stellare direct drive polar fork mount. The 16′ dome toward the right houses our wide field array, comprising four Officina Stellare RH 300mm telescopes (f/3)on an Officina Stellare polar fork mount.

We rarely shoot in the direction of the river due to light pollution and air pollution.

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