NGC 3190 and Hickson 44

Hickson 44, a group of interacting galaxies in the constellation Leo, lies approximately 80 million light years from Earth. In the background are many fainter galaxies which are much more distant.
NGC 3190, the largest galaxy just right of center, is a spiral galaxy seen almost edge on. Its characteristic dust lane is its most prominent feature. To it's lower left is NGC 3187, a barred spiral galaxy, and to the upper left is NGC 3185, another barred spiral with a smaller bar. To the right is NGC 3193, an elliptical galaxy.
This galaxy group was quite a challenge from our light polluted skies. Additionally, the waning moon chased us across the sky each night. We collected 169 6-minute Luminance subexposures (just under 17 hours) and another 11 hours of RGB. Processed in Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Object details

Galaxy Cluster in Leo

Right Ascension: 10h 18m 05.6s

Declination: +21° 49′ 58″

Magnitude: 11.1

Moon Age Average: 23.02 days

Moon Phase Average: 41.55 %

Imaging Setup


SC Observatory, Central Thailand

Feb 6, 2018, Feb 7, 2018, Feb 8, 2018, Feb 9, 2018, Feb 10, 2018 and Feb 12, 2018
Officina Stellare RiLA 600
Focal Length:
3000 mm
Paramount Taurus 600
FLI PL 16803
Image Scale:
0.62 arcseconds/pixel
Imaging Software:


Processing Software:

Adobe Photoshop

PixInsight 1.8

Exposure Detail

Filter Filter Brand Bin Qty Exposure
L Astrodon 1x 169 360
R Astrodon 2x 83 180
G Astrodon 2x 60 180
B Astrodon 2x 76 180

Total Exposure Time

27 hours, 51 minutes

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