SC Observatory

Observatory Location

SC Observatory is located in central Thailand. While we suffer from light pollution, both from Bangkok and from the local community in all directions, we have uncommonly transparent skies. Our skies are rated as 6-7 on the Bortle scale.

Aerial Tour of SC Observatory


At SC Observatory we have 3 permanent installations in Astrohaven clamshell domes:

  • Officina Stellare RiLA 600mm f/5 telescope, Paramount Taurus 600 mount
  • Officina Stellare RiFAST 400mm f/3.8 telescope, Paramount Taurus 400 mount
  • 4-scope array – Officina Stellare RH 300mm telescopes reduced to f/2.4, Officina Stellare fork mount

We use a range of FLI imaging CCDs, including PL 16803, MLx694, PL 29050 and more.

Officina Stellare RiLA 600 on Paramount Taurus 600

OS RiLA 600 and Camera
Officina Stellare RiLA 600 and FLI PL16803 CCD

Officina Stellare RH300 4-Scope Array